The Art of Foreplay

A Free 7 Day Challenge by Esther Perel

The Art of Foreplay is a free week-long challenge for couples and singles that includes 7 days of short audio messages from Esther and simple exercises to help you practice cultivating pleasure for its own sake.

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When was the last time you did something for yourself because it felt good?


Foreplay is often thought of as the prelude, the warm up, or the preliminaries to sex.

I would like to challenge you to look at foreplay as part of your entire relationship — with a partner or with yourself. Foreplay is a mood you live in, the way you look at yourself, and the way you feel about yourself in the presence of another. It’s about building anticipation, exploration, and curiosity.

Foreplay is an invitation to practice the erotic — the most valuable ingredient for your individual self-care and your relationships. Eroticism is not sex per se, but the qualities of vitality, curiosity, and spontaneity that make us feel alive. It’s cultivating pleasure for its own sake. The erotic is about the quality of the experience, not the quantity.

At this moment, getting it done, being efficient, and our obsession with optimization has created an anti-erotic culture. But to truly experience the benefits of eroticism, we can’t be so quick to punch in and punch out. 

What would happen if you stopped focusing on the end goal of sex? But rather, if you allowed yourself to linger, take your time, savor. Can you let things unfold and explore the desires that turn you on with no other goal in sight?

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Is this challenge right for me?

Couples and individuals alike can benefit from an opportunity to slow down and spend some quality time with the self or a trusted partner. We have two separate tracks — one for people who are currently partnered and another for those who are solo. 

The Art of Foreplay Challenge is ideal for partners and individuals who are looking to: 

  • Improve Intimacy
  • Unlock Creativity and Connection
  • Break Routine
  • Try Something New
  • Comfortably Connect With Their Body

What You'll Receive and When 

The Art of Foreplay begins on May 20th and runs through the 26th. Each morning, you’ll wake up to an email that includes...

Daily Audio Reflection from Esther

Short, meditative audio messages introducing the focus of the day.

Daily Exercise

Simple, playful, and practical suggestions to help you go deeper with the daily focus.


As soon as you sign up you will receive an introductory message from Esther + prep materials. Then, starting on May 20...


May 20, Day 1: Rituals - Transitioning from work to play. 

May 21, Day 2: Desire - Staying connected to what you want.

May 22, Day 3: Expanding Your Palate - Exploring the senses. 

May 23, Day 4: The Power of Touch

May 24, Day 5: The Erotic Mind - Unlocking your imagination and fantasies. 

May 25, Day 6: Bringing Play Back Into Foreplay

May 26, Day 7: Creating the Right Ambiance

May 26: Bonus! Instagram Live with Esther

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